Soul Work – Chapter 1: The Immortal Soul

My name is Nug-Soth

My future is filled with prophecy.

When I reached the trance-state,

My Soul left me for another body.


Which properties can be seen, but not chosen by us, but needs to be a fact, must be prescribed by theory.


In my Soul there is a battle between God and Satan,

Between Heaven and Hell,

Between the Elder Things and the Old Ones,

Without Victor, only a Saviour which is self-chosen, I chose Cthulhu as my Saviour and he said to me:

If you’re not my daughter, I make you my daughter

Because I was strong he had chosen me.


Is that what suppresses me my Soul trying to get out, or the soul of the world that knocks on my heart to get in?


The soul is as the eye: when she is focused on that on which the truth and being shine, the soul shall see and understand, and being bright in intelligence; but when she is focused on the shadow of rising and sinking, than she has only one opinion, and she jumps from the one to the other, has now the one opinion and the second the other opinion, and does not seem to be intelligent.


Souls with the illusion of madness lose all contact with reality.


Souls that behave according this guideline are more than mad: they are lost.


The Soul is immortal because her specific errors, her moral corruption, cannot destroy her.


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