Soul Work – Chapter 2: Azathoth The Flute Player

When heaven was not yet,

When humanity was not yet,

When the gods were not yet born,

When Death was not yet,

There was Yidhra.


‘Cause the Soul is the beginning of all things. It is the Soul that moves all things.


Everything is decided, the beginning as well the end, by powers that we cannot control, I call these powers Azathoth, who flutes everything in being. As it is for an insect so it is for a star that everything is decided. Human beings, plants, or cosmic dust, we all dance on the rhythm of a sacred song, which is being played in the center of the cosmos by an invisible flute-player named Azathoth.


It is difficult to imagine that it isn’t a living being, that it doesn’t possess knowledge, even from a Buddhist point of view. We have the opinion that by certain types birth is being based on the continuation of consciousness. The consciousness does not really come forth from materialism, but a continuation of consciousness can maybe come in the beginning.


If I suppose that the cells in my body not only carry my mind, but are exactly the same, there is nothing to deny that I and the mind and the cells in my body are communicating. The mind also communicates with the subconscious. There is identification between me and the cells in my body.


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