The Catacombs

There is a place, an asylum, that is totally abandoned, totally in ruins and its locked up so nobody ventures there. It is completely dark and evil grinning are the hallways infested with many an evil spirit. I try to access this asylum for quite some time, because it is infested with many general books on the city (who do not interest me at all) but there are also many grimoires and books on the Black Art scattered there, which I insisted on finding.


I live one floor up from the catacombs which lead to the evil asylum, I lately moved downstair for up it was too crowded and downstairs there were huger rooms (also deserted, but not dark like in the asylum because there were huge windows set in its walls), there is a door downstairs (which is always open) which leads into the catacombs. Once in the room after you enter the door there lived a serial-killer, but he is there no more.


I was at all curious what dwells now in the catacombs, it was dark, it was evil, it was a blasphemous place. I opened the door and with the other explorers we ventured downwards. Immediately a spirit appeared (visible!) to chase us away. It was a female spirit, transcendent and very frightening. But not so frightening as the next spirit I encountered (but couldn’t see), who spoke unto me:


“I will pull your nails out.”


I was frightened that the spirit would really do this, then it spoke again:


“You shouldn’t take things so seriously.”


As fast as I could, I ventured into the dark halls of the asylum with the other explorers. My company couldn’t hear the spirits talking and didn’t knew what it had said to me, I was the only Medium in the party.


There was a stairway in front, dark looming in its own shadows. I knew it was a prohibited area, but then the company decided that I should have what was mine to seek, I ventured forth to find the books. My flashlight was too dim to illuminate the dark contours of the upper floor, I ventured into the darkness, but backed away as soon the fear of the dark came over me. Fortunately, the company-member Apep had a bigger flashlight with him, he turned it on and we had light where once roamed the dark.


Upstair, on one of the shelves, next to the many general books on the city I found a grimoire of the Black Arts. I started studying it and found that Apep also had an interest in it. He started reading from the book and the words “Abdul Alhazred” fell out in the open, I started rambling whole stories about Alhazred and Apep immediately gave the book to me, for he knew now that I knew.


I claimed one of the books, and thanks to the company it was without much danger. But after I found the book the Guardian of the asylum appeared. He was a normal-sized black cat who could speak the human language, he kept going on about the prohibited zones, and that it was too dangerous to venture alone in.


I wouldn’t have come this far without the company, for fear and darkness are always in my path in the insane asylum, for many spirits have killed themselves there, and many are evil spirits who drive on hatred and negativity. Horrible things can happen to a human spirit. Things the mind can’t comprehend. Take care not to lose your mind like I almost did in there. If I would have ventured alone, I would have achieved complete delirium…


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