The Blasted Heath

In Arkham in the west,
There is a strange pest.
A patch of withered ground,
Which they did found:
A great spot eaten by acid,
And ash never blowing away
On the wind it stayed.

Looks of ground burned over,
But no fire been there ages ago.
Locals avoid it at all,
Nothing growing tall.

Some distance away did bloom,
Unnatural luxuriance…

Expanding and expanding,
On the other side of the road.
Ruins of the old Gardner farm,
In the midst being an old well.

A meteorite fell to Earth there,
On the farm of Nathum Gardner.
Lightning destroyed it,
Leaking alien gas into the well.
Poisoning its waters…

Animals that drank from the well,
Grew taller then I can tell.
When humans did they went mad,
Their bodies deteriorated, so sad.

Maybe it still expands today,
But the valley was flooded
And underground it stayed…


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